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Say Hello to your New Hair Care BFF!
This miracle in a bottle will Leave your Hair feeling Silky Smooth and looking Super Shiny.
This bottle is full of Natural ingredients such as Powerful Antioxidant Green Tea Leaf Extract & Citric Acid, these protect your hair from Environmental damage. There is also Sunflower Seed Extract which acts as a sunscreen for your hair and Prolongs your Colour.
Also containing Panthenol & silk amino acids to hydrate, strengthen and add shine to your locks.
Cruelty Free & not tested on animals.

10 Benefits:

1. Inhibits dry, damaged hair.
2. Adds shine.
3. Detangles.
4. Controls Frizz.
5. Seals & protects hair colour.
6. Helps prevent split ends.
7. Stops hair breakage.
8. Creates silkiness.
9. Enhances natural body.
10. Heat protector.

To use:
Apply product all over cleansed & conditioned hair. Comb through and style as desired.

2 reviews for IT’S A 10 MIRACLE LEAVE IN SPRAY 120ML

  1. Helen Kihlberg

    I have been using “it’s a 10 “for about a year now ever since when Nikita used it on my freshly bleached highlights , my goodness the brush just glides through your hair !. I was so impressed I brought the product to try for myself at home . It’s perfect ,as soon as I wash my hair I spray the product all over, and brush through, there is absolutely no hair breakage , completely non greasy , it smells deciduous too . I use it every time I wash my hsir and you really notice the texture feels so soft without being fly away .
    I have told my work colleagues that have coloured hair how good it is and shared this little beauty secret and popped to Nikitas to get them a bottle of “it’s a 10 ”
    They have also raved about the difference it it has made , no more tangled, split , ripped hair !, just sleek glossy healthy gorgeous smelling hair , you have got to try it !

  2. James Steele (verified owner)

    5 stars and 10 out of 10 for satisfaction and value for money. It’s great to buy something that over delivers on it’s promise. It’s made such a difference to my hair I only wish I’d found it sooner.

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